Dropping through the floor


Not sure it is a feature or a bug - but it is seriously annoying when working on the domain (not in edit mode, but to walk around and proof stuff in desktop mode) and clicking the floor accidently. The avatar always start flying and I need to restart the interface to get the physics back.

I noticed this for some time now

Is that known? Can I deactivate it somewhere? Will it be fixed soon?

Thanks so much :roll_eyes:


Hi @Skimi,

Unfortunately, it is a bit of a side effect from improving our grabbing interactions and there isn’t really a plan to change that anytime soon, however turning grab off or locking the item is the best way to deal with it. You shouldn’t, after all, need to grab a floor in the end.


hi @miladn, thanks for reply. Ahh, haven’t tried that so far - but sounds good, this will help!