Duplicate entity?


Ok, I’m sitting here staring at a whole bunch of gaping holes in the walls of the building I’m making which will eventually house a bunch of windows and doors when something occurred to me. Most of these windows and doors are going to be duplicates of one another and it’d probably speed things up if I could just upload one copy of each variation and then duplicate / place them in the scene. As opposed to gobbing a whole bunch of copies of the same object into one fbx which would bloat the file size take forever to load. So, silly question but… How does one duplicate something using the edit tools in the interface (similar to shift + drag in SL)? So far I can only find options to upload, size, place, and change the parameters of an entity but short of uploading a whole bunch of times I’m stumped.


Hold alt and drag the does this if I remember correctly


Alt+drag or apparently on Linux ctrl+alt+drag seems to do it. Thanks again! :slight_smile: