Early access to registering Place Names


Hi All,

We have exposed the ability to register place names . A place name is a permanent, unique, name within the Metaverse. Your place name can be used as a reference to a Stack Manager, Domain or a specific location. We are opening early access to place name registration to our closed Alpha group, allowing you to get in and grab some early names. You will have until the 9th of January to grab your name; after that date, we are opening the place names up for any registered users to buy the name.

Registration for a place name is $20 per year, per name. For the current Closed Alpha group we want to give you the opportunity to get up to two free place names, for a year. To get the free names you need to do the following:

  1. Send me an email and I will send you a coupon code that will allow you to get one place name. This offer is available until the 9th of January to all users that have logged in prior to the 5th of January.
  2. If you have a Stack Manager up with content and we can connect to it, you will receive another coupon code for a second place name.

To register a place, follow these steps:

  1. Go to My Place Name: https://data.highfidelity.io/user/places
  2. Click the button “Create a Place Name”
  3. Type in the name that you want to register. Any domain or location name that you have previously registered can only be converted to place names by you (until the 9th of January). Place names can be between 4 and 44 characters.
  4. Confirm payment or use a “Coupon Code”.

Done! At the moment you can only register the name; very soon you will be linking them up to your locations and domain.

We are giving our Closed Alpha group early access to creating place names. On the 9th of January, we will be opening up place names to allow others to purchase names that may of already been registered as Domains.


@chris , why 9 januari and not 12 januari. 9th i think theres meeting again. May alpha’s have questions. cannot think about many right now, because i try to understand it all myself. But if things get betetr explained on the 9th and its going open for everybody on the 9th the time get very short to take a placename.

But my question is,

you have the placename that point to the domain.
but, how do we point inside the domain to area’s.
Expect at some day we can divide the domain in let’s say parcels…
Still think sub placename keeps a good name for it. or do you need to have for every area a new placename ?

How would you thing go to a sub placename ?


That’s what I’m talking about, now everyone can play. Can we still slap @KevinMThomas ?
I still want to see paypal as a payment option. I dunno if its used widely in the states but its big in Europe. In these hacked times I quite like the layer of protection it provides.


@Judas I have to agree with you. PayPal is a great experience and it is secure.


If paypal dont work, then placenames are useless. because creditcard is not common used here in europe and many people like me cannot get one to. PayPal works fine and is the best payment methode. not sure why some company’s especially USA dont use it.


So, i have the following question now,

  1. Can you pay with paypal.

  2. can you create under the placename free area names.

So you have the domain Richardus and in the domain area thats called home.
as example when i type Richardus/home i get directly to my home ?
Or do we need foir every location in the domain a new placename ?


:frowning: All big company names are already reserved. Now I have to search for another way to get rich…


We know Paypal support is important and we are working on getting that going. Should have an update on that by the end of January.

@Judas @Richardus @KevinMThomas


Other question, is the placename only for 1 year and auto expires if not renewed ?


I think it’s kinda like domains on the internet. So yeah.


don’t even think about registering draxman, draxworld, draxattack or the like :slight_smile:


No confirmation E-Mail or whatever after registrating a placename ?


@Richardus, the place name is for one year and you will need to renew after a year. There is no confirmation if you use a coupon. You can go here to check that you have it: https://data.highfidelity.io/user/places





Hi @Chris, any chance that the lower limit on placenames can be three characters rather than four? Our current domain name is hifi://Vue and it would not be nice to have to change that.

Previously this was the limitation…

A unique name, 3-64 characters in length.
Underscores ( _ ) and dashes ( - ) are also allowed.


My suggestion for today, where already created some on this topic.
Make FAQ for placenames. https://worklist.net/20257 I think its good to have one very soon.


ohhhhh u evil genius :smile:


So what does happen when we have a domain name with 3 letters and nobody can register it?

Does that mean we can keep it or are 3 letter names reserved for the elite and we will eventually lose it which means we are basically building up a reputation for someone else to just take?

We do need to know these things now, at the start when it matters, and not be blindsided later on.


@Adrian for now we have decided to allow no registrations of any place names under 4 characters.

This means if you have a domain name or location name that is less than 4 characters you won’t be able to transfer it currently to the new place name system.


What’s the difference between place names and domains? If they are the same thing I would like to register all the domains I have had registered for months now, but some of them are apparently taken.