Earn Extra HFC by Submitting Items to the Marketplace Before October 1, 2018


Now that HFC is can be purchased and cashed out, for a limited time we are offering creators an extra incentive to get more items up for sale in the Marketplace. Do you have one or more items in the Marketplace, that:

  • are sitting in draft mode,
  • were invalidated, and/or
  • listed as free?

Earn Extra HFC Before October 1

Now is a great time to finish items, fix invalidated ones, or consider charging for items that are free. For every item you submit to the Marketplace before October 1, 2018, that is approved for sale, you will receive a bonus of 2,000 High Fidelity Coin (HFC). You can read more about HFC, our currency, in this blog post.

What Should You Do Next?

If you have:

  • Draft Mode Items: Finish and submit for approval

  • Invalidated Items: Fix the issue and re-submit for approval

  • Free Items: Simply edit the price and send us an email to let us know

Please note that this limited-time offer applies only to items for sale, free items are excluded. Items are only eligible for this promotion once and will not be eligible for future promotions.


Send any and all questions to marketplace@highfidelity.com. All items must be submitted and approved before October 1, 2018, to receive the bonus HFC.

Adding more marketplace items

Big problem with invalidated items. How can you resubmit it if you cannot get into edit mode and look at the problem ? I need access to the item , code , json file etc. to check where a space in the filename is hidden.

Already silly that high fidleity not auto correct that. Or just allow spaces, it’s going to be a big problem for creators.


This is confusing, does this mean items offered for free are excluded?

Or does it mean

Free Items : Simply edit the price and send us an email to let us know

are excluded? (I just want to be clear)


Example 1: If you currently have an item in the Marketplace that is “free,” if you edit the price so that it costs > 1 HFC, it would be eligible for the bonus. Email the Marketplace team to notify them that you changed the price from free to > 1 HFC and then you will be eligible for the bonus.

Example 2: You submit a new item to the Marketplace. In order to receive the bonus, that item must be priced at >1 HFC.

Example 3: You resubmit an invalidated item to the Marketplace. In order to receive the bonus, that item must be priced at >1 HFC.


Please email marketplace@highfidelity.com and the team will do its best to assist you.


I decided to take a look at my invalidatbed object. It’s not a complex one. So it must be easy to fix and copy data over to new and delete old.

I broke my own rule last evening. Instead of read it the next day i did read it right away wrong. Sorry.

Still have a simple suggestion, if you upload something to marketplace. scan the filename for spaces. If there are spaces. Just refuse to upload it and give a warning. saves lot’s of problems.


Not clear the concept of > 1 HFC. From maths 1 HFC is definitely NOT zero and positive, so you are actually eliminating 1 from the positive numbers :slight_smile:


Question about the marketplace, it looks like we can only rez a single marketplace item at a time. This is not working for my terrain objects where the goal is to sell it so people can copy many times in their domain, am I missing something?



Can you duplicate rezzed marketplace items ?
It does not work for me on the things
i tried and it makes marketplace useless if you cannot duplicate items.

Or at least it make things much harder todo then needed.


The instructions for this promo say things have to be submitted and approved. Given October 1st is a Monday you won’t have time to approve anything submitted over the weekend. Does this make sense for it just to be items submitted? Also if you request modifications, can they be done after the October 1st deadline?


It appears that you can’t even rez more than one copy of any item in a domain, so taking another one from the MP deletes the first one.

If this is intended it severely limits the use case for adding items to MP…


I just tried it. Yes and no. the builders grid does what you say, you cannot rezz more copies. Makes it complete useless and explaines why i cannot copy it.

But the bag of money works like a full perm copy and i can rezz more and duplicate it.

Now where at this point, i can say marketplace is complete useless.


If submitted before October 1, we will grant HFC, but only after the item is approved, which can cross the deadline.


Regarding marketplace rezzables (is that even a word now?), that is how the PoP license works. It has been discussed during several community meetings to have something where a PoP license has a quantity (even if infinite) for cosmetic items like trees or buildings. However, this is still not the case at this time.


If it wasn’t before, it is now. :smiley: :smiley: And it is definitely a useful word to have.


But, can you buy more of the same items ?
What happens if you can buy more of same items. are the grouped ?

Already not really excited to use much marketplace items because the try go push ‘my items’ in a small tablet window without good inventory system. While i have a big desktop screen when building. Uhmm, try to build.

In some way it make sense ,to not copy. but then the need to tell users that it can only be rezz one item in your domain. and if you rezz other , dont delete the existing one. So refuse rezz with error.

So, if your not allowed to rezz more then one in domain. The msrketplace need to block the rezz button in marketplace on that domain. Can you rezz the same item still on more domains ? That would be a joke if possible. ‘I can only rezz one in domain, but can rezz it on other domain again.’ ?

Get a weird feeling of unfinished marketplace like the create tool. It works, but useable…


Yes, you can buy more of the same item.

And each purchase is shown separately (had to search by a vowel so I could have the two red balloons I have show up on the same page).


Ok. already hate this marketplace “My Purchase” system.
It’s not going to work. we need it more like SL. with fodlers or grouping.

Fun if you hav e500 items, you keep scrolling on that tiny tablets creen.

When do we get a desktop version that not use the tiny tablet ? and use the screen space. At the end building you do anyway in desktop mode.


I suppose it’s just as well that its gonna be that inconvenient to order up 99 Red Balloons… otherwise someone might unwittingly set off World War III. :smiley:


There are other permissions to set will that allow multiples?