Earth back online


Just finished working with Coal on the fix for killing unassigned assignment clients on CentOS7.

Seems to be stable, hasnt spawned any rogue processes yet, I need to keep an eye on it, and do a few restarts and see that its stable.

Please report any strange behaviour here including:
Inability to log in to Earth
log in to an empty domain
earth feeling unstable, going off line a lot,
or any other bad behaviour.

Thanks, see you in world.


When we are satisfied this has cured the problem we will replace the current script with the new updated one so others running CentOS7 can get back in the game, I will post when this has happened.


Hi. How long before we can upload building content. I book marked my plot and I notice I still have building permission but it’s hard to judge the size or exact location of the plot


If you have building perms then you can upload content anytime you like. I think the backups are reasonably reliable atm.

Sadly it looks like the bug is not solved after all so it may go offline.

If yours is the half torus shape on lot 57 then you have it nailed, your plot overlay is pretty close to the boundary.
Build perms are domain wide, you are not confined to your own plot by any systems, except your agreement to stay within your bounds.
You can build bigger stuff on the big sandbox, it doesnt get much use.


I meant to resize the building just before everything went pear shaped I could not see anything on Earth this morning I will try later.


Ok guys, for now I moved earth over to Ubuntu and its running just peachy!

Check it out when you have time and report your results


Is dat you Adrian?. I think I have to down size I building I have on plot 57: But I can’t log on for a few hours.


Well I work with Adrian, but he handles the in world stuff and I handle back end stuff when needed etc. I am sure he will handle this when he has a chance @Adrian


It’s ok My old building is not there any more. That’s is because I deleted it from Amazon. But as I hope to have my own domain in a few months I find it interesting that Ubuntu is doing a better job than Windows


For some reason my home is gone. but the chair i rezzed later is still there.
Now only the questioon is the home goner, on vacation or …

Think it’s just older backup, because model names are lost too. No panic.

Grin: invisible house. need to place a new one or restore the link


yayyyyyyy Can you tell I’m happy


Three cheers for @Coal. I am happy too.
BTW @subongo I dont know if Ubuntu is doing a better job than Windows, but at the moment it is doing a better job than CentOS, so we go with what works.
@Richardus.Raymaker We used the most recent backup so there shouldnt be anything lost, but anything is possible.


Oh yes, I brought it up making sure it loaded the active json it should but I cannot say during the problems before if something might have gotten different somehow.

Also thank you @Adrian and everyone, I am glad to do it and make everyone happy - As I told Adrian before, that is my main goal!

I can’t say its better, but what is different is my script manages the backend software to compile and run the domain where as on Windows High Fidelity has written their own front end to handle everything.

To make it short, theirs gives you clicky buttons, mine gives you commands to run (though easy ones).


@Adrian I am not sure who turned Earth into night time but is has been too dark to work in the build for 3 days now. I felt tempted to delete the object but I thought I should best ask. I know I have left stuff that was over sized when I crashed a while ago and I could not get back to delete it.
It is also too easy to delete someone else’s stuff by accident.


Yes I agree, I deleted it. It was a moonlight night skybox I didnt put it there but I left it there.

I kinda like to let people put in things that they want, and if it doesnt disturb others then its fine.
It was ok for a day or so but when it gets in the way of doing things then its time to move it around. I didnt replace it yet so if anyone wants to put in a new skybox please feel free, just make sure it is a daytime scene, one day we will have a rotating day/night cycle but thats the future.