@earth dropbox error


Just want to note that most of the times that i login on earth i see this error.


Yes, I saw that too.


That I think is @KevinMThomas fault blame him


I tried this on a standard WEB browser and got a 404.

Hopefully I did not mistype the URI. If I did type it correctly then dropbox.com is not playing nice anymore.


Getting to the point that i think errors like this need to be handled different. move them to the notification aea mabye. because if you have 20 or more failures on content it reminds me back the the days that you needed to close pop-ups. Not fun to click 20 times ok.


Yes, I agree. The missing files or other errors ought to be collected in some log. Even the spammy “window has been resized” message has to go (yes it is quite evident the window resized).