Earth Homesteads, free plots of land


We have a new domain fresh out of the cloud, domain earth.

I have set up a domain where people can claim a plot of land to build on.

The basic concept here is we offer a free plot of land to Hifi Alphas to use as they like.
We will keep this free for as long as we can support it.
Enjoy a sandbox environment without the threat of your builds being cleared out regularly.

You can make a home here and socialize with other homesteaders. This is ideal for those who dont have a domain of their own to build on.

Anyone can claim a plot, you dont need to be homeless, we welcome people to increase the population of Earth, be part of something bigger. We are building a community.

To claim a plot

  1. go to hifi://earth and find a vacant lot, take note of the lot number.
  2. message @Adrian to register your claim.
    Web registrations are currently suspended, please contact Adrian for all claims.

Once we receive your message you will be added to the list of allowed editors and you can move in and start building.
for more information please ho to __________________________________________

Special Notes:
Fences are for guide purposes only and you can remove fences from around your own plot if you like.
Build whatever you want, models causing problems will be deleted.

If you want a building like those in the center, feel free to take a copy from the collection of buildings near the entrace to Stage 2.

Lots 41 to 55 are subject to sub-development, these plots may be divided according to demand, owners of these lots will have a choice of a smaller block in-situ or a large block somewhere else.

Green areas are community building spaces and we hope they start to look nice as parkland areas and community rec zones. Feel free to improve the green areas with trees and park type stuff.

Sand lots are permanent sandboxes and will be cleared regularly.

Build what you want but keep it family friendly. Please respect your neighbors and dont place or remove anything on others plots.

A forum has been set up to facilitate community discussions and solve issues, feel free to join the forum and post anything about the Earth Alpha Homesteads,

We are also looking for people interested in helping to create a nice atmosphere.
Admin positions available. contact @Adrian .


you may want to make the landing point a litle closer to the land? just a thought.


got one! :slight_smile: anyone else moving in?


Yep there are 4 residents so far :slight_smile: the claims are on the website


Awaiting authorization on plot 30. See you all soon.


@Captain_Oculus lot 30 registered, you have been added to the residents list and can begin building.

Welcome to Homestead Earth.


Thanks! But I think I messed up my initial request…

I decided to go onsite and click the plot for myself. I think my display name, username, and forum name are all different. I will try to build momentarily.

Sorry for the confusion.


Confirmed. I have been denied build permit due to my incompetence. o.O


Ok so you re Captain.Oculus not Captain_Oculus ?
I will try that
Try now


We’re good. Let the games begin!



Hey there @Adrian !

Can you report the physical dimensions of plot 30 in meters? It would REALLY take the guess work out of what I’m doing. Resizing isn’t exactly what I’d like to do in world, and if I have a 1:1 in blender, I can start from there… YOU ROCK!

Cheers mate!


Thanks :slight_smile: ,
lot 30 is 25 meters wide and about 47.5 deep (50 meters to the center of the road which is 5 meters wide)


hey capt, there’s a sign in the center square that tells lot sizes… i think. if it’s not there tell me and i’ll figure out where i saw it
i think it’s 25 x 25, 25 x 50, and 50 x 50 but i wouldn;t swear to it

oh adrian got it, never mind heheheh


Thanks @onionpencil but this assumes I read. o.O :smiley:

I’ll be more careful and less rush-rush next time.


@onionpencil thats right, and allow for the roads every plot contributes half a road width.


Thanks to both of you. I never did see the dimensions listed on a sign, but that is only because I stopped looking after reading the first two. (and because you guys gave me the answer I figured I’d not waste time continue looking for something I already know. ) Anyway, the size for plot 30 is spot on, and I have removed the click to claim, as well as placed the temp map of boardgame in the plot.

No screenshot needed, however, it may be wise to instead list the dimensions directly onto the plot texture so others don’t have the same issue.

My two cents.



Putting the sizes on the lots might be a good idea, I will do it tomorrow.
Onion, you saw the sizes on the website, I will put some more info on the signs too.


Are there Cardinal directions?


will somebody join the homestead forum? it was cool being the first non-admin user, but it’s pretty boring and lonely over there. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have tried to join the homestead forum, Onion, but the page is not loading.

I claimed one of the small spots, now I must decide how to utilize it. Seems a lot more manageable than that HUGE endless space afforded to me by having a served place! (man, that is A LOT of space!) But, I suppose will use that too :smile: