Earth sub locations available


Now that Hifi supports paths in the place names (whatever they might be called) I thought I would extend the service to earthlings.

I have tested it and it works earth/sandbox will take you right to the sandbox.

If anybody wants their plot to be registered with a sub place name I will do it.

Just stand where you want people to land and face where you want people to land facing, then from the File Menu click “copy path to clipboard” then post here and include your name, the name you want for your lot like earth/adrian or earth/onionpencil, or earth/judas’s_homeawayfromhome or earth/Kevins_hidaway
(they will all start with “earth”)
dont forget to include the path you copied from inworld.

I will add these locations to the stack manager for you. You will then be able to TP right into your plot or to the front gate using the extended name. Makes it easier to invite people to your place.

(This is for people who are making use of the land, I see no point doing this if you do not use the land, thanks)


Good work @Adrian. Thank you for Earth. I’ll be around more soon when I get better.