Edit and Market Icons moved!?


I’m running build 2953 when all of a sudden the edit and market icons are on the OPPOSITE SIDE of the window! Does anyone know what caused this? (extra note I was attempting to regulate the position of inworld prims (so I could have a walkable floor.)


Agreed, the overlay icons are broken.

First login shows them in the right place, consequent logins show them on the left side.
Using edit button once and closing results in edit icons missing completely and pointer arrow not visible making any work impossible.
Relogging seems to fix it briefly but soon reverts to invisible, not an effective workaround.

Currently #2953 is unworkable from an editing perspective, I understand some major changes probably have broken it.


Clicking the middle mouse wheel makes all the overlays invisible, the scripts continue to run but the icons are hidden.

If you dont click the middle mouse wheel you can continue to edit and upload, but as soon as you hit middle mouse wheel, you will need to relog to get the buttons back.

EDIT: You dont need to relog I was wrong, you just need to press middle mouse wheel again.


Whatever it did… it apparently affects the Interface.ini file as “downgrading” to earlier builds does not fix the problem.

I dropped an older copy over the working ini file and all was set to right.


Just checked, only directory button. updated to latest one still showing me only the market button boo edit present.

I love the way how you can hide and unhide all overlays by clicking the middle mouse button.

Just found the market and edit button, the are hiding in the top left corner. where your mirror is.
But why are the moved to the left side ? Also clicking on it only works if you move the mouse complete against the left edge of the button.


I believe some recent changes are causing the initial placement of some of the UI elements to be off. I’m looking into it.


I had this problem also. The market and edit group, the stats overlay and my mirror disappeared and after relogging not only was the button group on the upper right side but the users window was minimized too.

But after I realized that it was panning with the middle mouse button, I found out that if you middle mouse pan to the left, the overlays come back and are visible again. Pan to the right they disappear, pan to the left they reappear.


I find it interesting and somewhat frustrating that we have been struggling for 3 days on our own trying to figure out what is happening and today Sam posted this https://alphas.highfidelity.io/t/toggle-able-overlays-and-input-plugins/7016

Which is pretty much an explanation of what they did 3 days ago. Thanks


Yeah I saw that too
… I guess they stopped reading the forums.

I just wish it (the post) were a bit easier to understand.


ON that same topic has anyone got an idea on how to fix it (without constantly having to use an older interface.ini backup)?

I just logged in this morning to find the damned things had MOVED to the left side overnight as I slept!!!

Maybe I should just backtrack to version 2952… :confused:
and hope someone that can translate whatever he said to english or they set a DEFAULT instead of random changes like this!! (seriously what the hell are they thinking? Are they all ADD?


A lot of us were on a business trip when the big merge happened, which is why I didn’t post an explanation till we got back. And I’m on vacation now but I’ll look into the overlay issue as soon as I get back if it’s not fixed already.


Thanks for that, I got the message from the other thread.
I probably sounded impatient, I am in the middle of a serious project which depends on the wellness of Hifi.

When things break it is difficult but acceptable because its alpha, and when things seem to break, I have to find immediate workarounds, and you may imagine how frustrating it can be trying to make my own way in the dark.

I realize that Hifi is quite a small team for such a mammoth undertaking which includes everything from designing and writing the code, to testing for conflicts and keeping the knowledge flowing, and sometimes it feels like we (Alphas) are little more than a “live load”. So I appreciate any and all notice of updates and changes.

Thanks for your response because any information is good information.


@SamGondelman The edit.js overlay position changing to top left of screen was fixed yesterday.


@ctrlaltdavid Build 2988 still shows edit icons on upper left here.


@OmegaHeron That will be the position saved in interface.ini from the previous time you ran Interface. You can move the toolbar now and it won’t jump back to 0,0.