Edit entities and duplication conflicting with WASD


I need to copy some parts. your already forced todo that in normal edit mode instead of the "F’ mode. But WASD keys are a problem. because as soon i press ALT-D + click the move up arrow in the viewer, You better cross your fingers.

I think WASD keys for steering need to be disabled in edit mode. Or some other solution need to be figured out.


Lucky I am left-handed and use the arrow keys instead!

You should join us and become left-handed too.


Aiii. i knew i forgot something. Im half lefty. because my mouse is at the left side. Anyway i never can work with WASD. to many other keys around it so i never touch the right one then.


I wonder if it might be worth it for someone to do a Kickstarter to make an arrow-keys USB mini-keyboard. That is, one of those things like a numeric-keypad mini-keyboard but that instead of numbers and related, just has arrow keys.

Come to that, does Interface let you use the numeric keypad in arrow-keys mode? Hmmmm… Maybe get one of THOSE for the left hand.