Edit entities camera


First i need to say that the edit entities editor start really to improve with the inworld object controls. Edit entities properties is different story.

But i noticed soem problem,. When you edit your object. you cam around it.
When your done with editting, the camera don’t reset to the default prevois position before you started to edit.

  1. remember where you looking at,
  2. Edit object
  3. Move edit camera around
  4. Stop edit.
  5. Now you look not to where you looked before edit.

Solution: Remember the camera position as soon edit get enabled and restore that setting when edit get disabled.


There is also huge issue with editing object at specific angles: It can result into the camera going way into the distance, making scrolling nigh impossible to do (since it keeps resetting position)


Other thing, zooming in and out. it’s missing.Using automatic almost every time the mouse wheel. And yes that’s the only logic control for it to quick zoom.

But… It’s not working ! That makes building a bit harder.

Alos when you work with the object / entity inworld the camera or entity still have bad behavior.

Still missing the strafe function in edit to move the camera to the right position before you rotate to the right position so you can finaly move that entity. because that;s still hard because the X and Z arrows are missing still for movement.

Most of the time when your in edit mode your busy with moving your avatar, fighting with the entity movvement because it shoots many times far away. Or the camera angle / distance is wrong. The camera part and movement really need better.


Strange, and now strafe works in edit mode. Confused. it just did fail complete…