Edit.js, draw calls incorrect ? and other edit weirdness


Strange problem. Cannot explain it.
Made soemthing, high fidelity is tel;ling my it’s 3 Textures and 4 draws !? :hushed:
I made object with 3 Materials (i deleted the 4th one) after high fidelity told me there 4 draw calls.

It still is telling me there 4 draw calls.
But how can i have 4 draw calls with only 3 materials, and only 1 texture / material.

Other strange thing. The entities list does not display everything in a radius you specified. Unless you first do a complete 360 rotation. :open_mouth:

Ok, i have now pushed everything on one texture. That’s already decreasing the amount of vertices. It sound slike High Fidelity is counting UV-Map vertices in the stats. But i use 1 Materials and edit.js is telling me that it use 2 textures and 2 draws.