Edit.js , rotation does not work pitch and Roll are the same or get mixed


I have object, in this example the house

Now i started to check some things by rotating the object. The problem is that Pitch and Roll are doing the same or not what you expect. If i enter 25 in the Pitch. It start to rotate on the Roll. and also moves the 25 in pitch to 25 in roll. and set pitch to 0. the roll works fine.

It’s getting stranger on my door ! I did enter 25 in pitch. and it’s mobing the rool to -25.

When i change the roll to 25 it’s moving 25 in the right direction.

This problem seems only to happen with entities i use from my ATP. Done the test with entity cube and that seems to work fine. I did a test with classico from marketplace and that one seems to rotate fine to.

Chec ked the door in blender and scale + rotation looks to be set correct. The house is old, but i think that is fine to.


Yes, it is sad to see default edit so broken. My suggestion: