Edit panel fully bugged

  1. The edit panel only shows 7 items within 100 meters and there are hundreds in that range.
  2. When I select an object the edit panel doesnt know if its a box or a light or a model and I cant make any edits because it acts like its out of range even though I am 2 meters away from it.

Search radius is not working

Build 7885 (current RC build) seems to work OK for me. Tested in a domain with 400+ entities in view. The list does take a while to populate, though.

Are there JavaScript errors being reported in your program log?


Its very intermittent, has actually been happening on and off for some weeks now, on my latest relog the issue is not present. Unsure how to replicate it.


To give more information, sometimes when I reset the radius, the system seems to ignore it, and just gives me a readout of about 2 meters regardless of what the actual radius setting is. When this happens I cant edit stuff because all the settings are greyed out, andf it shows all the params of lights, boxes, text entities, models, its all there and I cant modify anything.
This has happened several times and I am trying to nail down a common cause. I will post more onfo if I can get some.


A few days ago with moving things on earth.

  • There‚Äôs no cursor in the edit fields fkr rotation.
  • Selecting the text complete to change it then for zero * where hard to.
  • For some reason my building where grabable. and after i turned it off it switched itself on again. And thing got screwed again.

The edjt tools are anyway a bit mess. Why are important thing like position and rotation so far down ?