Edit permissions


Because the mini gold game. I still see the following problem. We all talked about it in the past. and it did go moved a bit on the side track as. domain owners and trust.

Right now you can give someon edit permissions or no edit permissions. That’s all.

But this setup, does not fit in what peoiple want todo. and also good for drama.
Im pretty sure that people want to share domains or build togheter on one domain. It’s hugh you know !

But the current problem is that when you give some one edit permissions. he can edit EVERYTHING ! Also that owner could copy url’s and reuse it on other domain if it’s not ATP. See the drama around the next corner ! So we still fall back on soem ideas of Secondlife.

In this case it would be good if entities can only be editted by the owner. Now i think that’s problematic in high fidelity. I would not know that can be implemented. We have devs for that :slight_smile:

I suggest that other people with edit rigths cannot access your entities without permission from the owner.

It’s suggestion. But io think soem chat and othger idea’s would be nice. I still see it as a required functionality. ANd my experienes is based on other worlds too.


Yeah… to me the current all-or-nothing edit permissions are not entirely practical…

Maybe for Entity-level permissions there could be a new “access” property – which isn’t perfect either, but might be able to hit several common cases with one blow:

// anybody is allowed to edit any property:
access: true 

// only these (logged-in) usernames can edit any property:
access: '@Richardus.Raymaker, @humbletim'

// anybody can edit any property -- *except* for those listed:
access: '%all, !position, !orientation, !name, !script'

// anybody can edit "physical" and "spatial" properties
// (which could match the editor's Entity Properties sections)
access: '%physical, %spatial'

For my own scenarios that would still be insufficient so what I am planning to do is have an AC Script operate as a Master Control Program (MCP) for the whole Domain – managing finer-grained access, editing permissions and centralized Entity scripts (ie: ran in AC space instead of N-way Client spaces).

Annonymous users are able to move things, ignoring perms

Sounds intresting, thats available for everyone ? Need to admit i never done scripting for AC.
Except that i use many scropt at entity level. So we need a solution for that.


Well AC scripting is part of built-in Domain Server / Assignment Client functionality – so in that sense yeah.


Thanks, but i first plan to get my door working with the vive controller.
That;s already a challange, especially if the controller is not responding anymore in hifi. (reboot ?) And a log thats full with spam messages.

AC is different story.
Still curious if High Fidelity could implement soemthing on AC level that can protect entities and regulate edit permissions for all entities on domain.