Edit window should close when you close it


Closing the edit window doesnt actually make it close, I still have to click the edit icon.
So it compounds every issue where I have to close and open the edit window for some reason, I have to close it from the icon.
If I just close the edit window it goes away, it should completely close the edit function.


Mentioned it also in this post: Disable edit mode automatic when you press the (X) from the edit window


You’re right @Skimi I usually do a search for an issue before I post, this time I just posted because it was driving me nuts.
Oops, sorry.
As per that thread yes even a hot key would be more workable, clicking things on the screen is a pain.

@Jess this thread should probably be removed because its a total duplicate. Thanks.


I’ll admit it’s a little weird, but bear in mind that opening the entity list / properties is a side effect of starting edit mode. You can also open the entity list from the menu without being in edit mode. It’s possible that if we changed it, someone else would complain that they can’t go into edit mode, close the entity properties and then add and move around a a bunch of cubes or models without re-opening the edit toolbar and having the entity list pop up again.

That said, an editing remake is coming up on the roadmap, so there may be something we can do to make the flow less confusing.


Aye aye, closing it down.

closed #6