Editable avatar


Ok, the last post was not clear enough. I am an alpha tester, but I miss the topic of editable avatars. 'The goal is you bye the avatar by mixamo/adobe? That is not my avatar!!! My avatar has always the same face. Ok, thats all.


You can fully customize the shape (body and face) of your avatar in Fuse, as in SL.

(Note that I’m not saying that it should be the long term solution.)


And a normal user bye fuse and can work with it? I think it’s a rumor.


Well… I created my avatar in fuse… and make it rigged via maximo… (actually, I made many version with different clothes)
and it works in HF correctly.
Note that I’M using this tool: FBXoMap
to remove the black eyelashes and avoid to edit it in Blender (which is breaking the rigging)

FBXoMap can be downloaded here: https://vankh.bashora.com/2017/04/09/fbxomap-a-solution-between-maximo-fbx-to-high-fidelity/

This tool is also put the texture in a folder outside the fbx file… which allow you to customize them if you want.

So this is not a rumor :wink:


I thought it said ‘edible avatars’ and was like Hmmmm…


You meant that?


LOL! My first glance reading of it was edible avatar, too. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


The Intel camera and realsense software is neat software I beta tested it back when it first started being sold with Gateway computers,I have an alien computer now with the TOBAII IR W/ EXEX camera is still compatible with the Intel realsense software.Has anyone used this to facemap an avatar over a head model?