editEntities.js changes


Just a heads up, editEntities.js had an update that removes the on/off button. It is now always-on, but requires a right-click to select entities. A lot of this is in flux, so if you have any feedback about what you like or dislike, please let us know!



Other than the outline showing I mentioned in world… what is the exit mechanism? Once I right click an entity and get edit mode… how do I exit? So far the only thing that’s worked is escape key (if lobby.js isn’t running).


hey @huffman, can you make a switch in the right top corner that turns off the whole edit entities script, and also hides the buttons on the right side? Having the bounding boxes for every object that you hover kind of bugs me :smile: . Keep up the good work!


@OmegaHeron The exit mechanism is escape, but unfortunately it conflicts with lobby.js. I think the lobby.js key will end up changing at some point.

@thoys I think in the long-term the idea will be that scripts will be more easily toggled on/off. It sounds like the always-on functionality is not working out well in it’s current form - if we end up keeping it I can see about adding a menu item to turn it on/off completely.


A bit of feedback, maybe personal prefs.

I would like the edit entities panel to remain open after I delete something, I might want to delete several items and after it closes I have to find a model to click on before the window opens again.
During hundreds of trial and error tests in a clear area I (we all) would upload objects that dont render for some reason, bad texture or something, so I find I have to create a sacrificial entity just so I have something to click on to open the window, then delete the offending object then click the entity again to delete it also.

  1. I ask for the window to stay up and include a close button, this may address the previous issue as well.
    And make the Edit>Entity List… menu item activate the panel on demand.

Also, when I open the window, then go to entities tab to refresh, then select the object I want to delete, it flicks over to properties, and I have to click it back to entities list to delete it.
2. I ask for the entities list to not switch over to properties on select, I can do that with the existing button.

I am still undecided if the auto focus on selected object is a benefit, I like cam around to get the right view,
If I want to move it anywhere at all I have to orbit over to some degree to grab the thing and move it across the ground plane. If I select a large object it throws my view to a difficult position.
3. Ideally I would like an option via a button to auto focus on/off so I can turn it off when required.

Thanks for listening.


Agree, Not using the edit window much because its hard to read. Also the placement of entity need to be changed. If you now place a cube entity its more like “huu, where is it ?” Oh wait its close to my feet out of sight. The cube need to be place further away from the avatar, so you dont need to move your avatar back from the cube to see it.


Yeah, I agree. I was in the position last night were I wanted to delete something from the tools window rather than selecting the object by clicking on it, and one can already select an object from the tools menu, and adding a delete button or just letting me tap delete when the tools window has focus and the object is selected would be useful.


I would like the interface work a little like the iphone screen with pages, Id prefer to keep the interface all empty in standard use , but swipe it all sideways to a building screen with all the toys we need to do that, that would turn on those tools also.who knows we coudl have endless custom pages for other functions/custom build tools like @chris suggested at the meeting

@Adrian in the edit entities panel you can shift select items in the list and delete them all at once , which was great to delete the 200 lights i had but coudlnt find

lights should first appear as a box but invisibility should be an option once their set.

I want the cam around building tools to be permanently available when the middle mouse wheel is pressed


[Update] Beta Release 74 Now Scheduled for Monday, Oct 22, 2018

Oh one more thing, the entities are hard to select for some reason, click click click and finally it registers.

And selecting the entity to delete is not enough to just press backspace,
I click it, and select it eventually, then hit backspace and nothing happens, you can click until the mouse breaks but it wont delete, you have to move it or something, and then hit backspace again.
All in all a total pain in the butt to delete stuff currently.

more beer.


I have seen something like that with the delete ket (not using backspace here) It looks like the delete action is not always processed by the first click , or second or …

More beer dont make clicking better @Adrian :smile:


Whast the reason that the buttons “Grid” “Entities” “Entity Properties” are placed on the bottm ? The font is already tiny and the location is not eye catcher at all. I wish the where at the top of the window where you see them more easy. that explains also why it did take so long before i found the entity list. the buttons you dont see at all. especialy if its almost 1080 heigh. well 1080px - the high fidelity menu abnd window header at the top,

Other problem or bug.

I justd elete one invisible object from me. After delete the focus is gone the edit window close. and you cannot select anything new. so i cannot choice the next object. and there enough other ones to click on to open the edit window. but its refusing to open or select the next entity. relog is not fixing it.

Uhmm edit entity is now complete broken for me. cannot select anything for edit. also new placed entity cube is not selectable.


Yeah, I’m having similar issues, although I’ve figured out it’s a fairly brisk double right click to select an object, and then your view snaps to a default location based on the model, which is strange, but not a bad idea, although I would prefer 100 percent control over the focus of what I’m doing at all times regardless of mode.


Ohhh, right click. YIKS. i think Secondlife sneaked in or its fixt. but with right click i can select.
I think this left / right clicking is going to give more confusion for people.

And now i see where things go wrong with deleting to, that can have a redesign i think.
You select the object with the rioght mouse. so its selected. But at the same time its not selected. When you want to delete the object. You need to click the selelected object with the left mouse button to select it. after that you can delete the object.

so to delete object you do,

  • Select with right mouse button.
  • Then select with left mouse button
  • Press delete key.

Thats logic way ? Not for me, its a bit confusing way.
Other problem, how do you deselect a selected entity ?.


OMG @Richardus you love sl more than you do us weeps [quote=“Richardus, post:13, topic:1355”]
Ohhh, right click. YIKS. i think Secondlife sneaked in or its fixt. but with right click i can select


Well, not complete. one thing improves the other. and that is going back to the first one.
I just need some more time. besides , i find enough things in the time i spend in high fidelity. Dont drive the devs crazy @Judas with a bug tsunami


Thanks for all of the feedback! @Adrian @OmegaHeron @thoys @Richardus @Judas

I won’t address each piece individually, but we did go through everyone’s feedback and will be making a big update soon. In general a lot of the more recent changes will be reverted in favor of keeping the power button.

Thanks again!


The problem is when you select with the right click it opens the tools window, which then gets the focus. The left click puts the focus back on the main interface window, then you can delete. It’s a bit weird, but what is needed is an edit window that opens without receiving the focus unless you move over it and select it, or some other menu


I’ve run into a problem on win 7 interface where after selecting an entity and editing it, when I exit with esc. or changing view the bounding edit box with arrows etc. persists… stays visible until I relog. It may not affect anything really, I have not really checked, but is a pain because it seems like i still have it selected.

Also, editing position/rotation of things still seems to me to need work. Typing in numbers is fine for final tweaking and using the arrows for rotation and draging for position from 3 axis is… ok… but having a modal (i.e. alt/ctrl/middle button) way of separating camera control from edit function… to me would make things much better.

As usual… I am probably missing something and Ignore this if I have.