Editing broken again


The old editing behaviors are back in 4841-4853: entity flinging, entities snapping back and forth scores of meters on the tiniest amount of mouse pointer movement, cannot often select an entity at all. I just flung half my domain to smithereens, so now restoring from backups.

I stopped all scripts, then started defaults.js in case there was a script conflict. If there is conflict, then it is inside defaults.js

I tried going back to a known working version 2831 but of course that no longer works because of the big packet-interface change. so, taking a break from HF.


I have some weird problems too when i try to edit entity… Sounds like i have the same problems as you.

  • I cannot move the entity up or down with the inworld arrow anymore. the entity moves in the X or Z direction.

  • Trying to select entity seems much harder now,

  • The selection lines sometimes don’t know what the want (to select)

  • Camera seems a bit unstable to in edit mode.

So, editting entitiies is not fun for now. It where better.


Windows 2853 editing issues.
Selected objects does not show in properties.

I can select an object but the properties show as empty, like I dont have anything selected.

Cant do anything.


Aye somethings broken, wonders what happened and more importantly who we can blame :smiley:


@Thoys , but please get this fixed. I come in all excited, with something I created, then leave frowning because I can’t put the object where I want to put it…and, hence, want to put it somewhere, er, …


We have a fix coming.


There’s an issue where the ray picking is randomly broken when the mirror is open. Fix here: https://github.com/highfidelity/hifi/pull/5395

It probably won’t be merged until at least a little later today, so a temporary fix is to close your mirror.


Confirmed that workaround works.

It also explains why WEB entities were wonky - touch events totally spastic.
Thanks for the eventual fix.


The fix is now live.


Editing seems to be broken again with 3427.

After selecting an entity and then clicking on Entity Properties, the properties tab shows No Selection, so nothing can be edited.


After Updating Interface to 3427
No field details (posn, dim etc.) shown for Entities
Tried updating Stack Manager (win 93 latest) “Error Opening file for writing” +Abort


Now seems to be fixed on 3428