EDU winners...! Congratulations to the winners


Check out the post:

TCaRs – An awesome racing game where you get to interact with JavaScript to customize your car’s handling, create unique power ups and optimize performance through editing the program code with the use of the Blockly API.


Planet Drop – A networked multi-player game that leverages the benefits of social VR through “cooperative asymmetrical gaming”: the virtual environment is shared by the players, but each has specific information related to his or her chosen STEM specialty, provided by individualized HUDs. However, unlike a traditional “information asymmetry” game, like a card game, the goal is not to use unshared information to a player’s advantage to win, but rather to share that information as quickly and effectively as possible to allow the team to solve challenges and advance through a story arc of increasingly impressive accomplishments.

FTL Labs PlanetDrop-VR


woo-freaking-hoo. Very well-deserved and exciting.


Congrats, I am looking forward to seeing the results, sounds promising.


Congratulations! Great submissions, looking forward as well.


How are these projects coming along? Is there a place for info or to follow progress?


I’m working on Planet Drop vr . Due date is Dec 18th and I’m working furiously to pull everything together by then. Hopefully soon you’ll get to try it.


Excellent! Thanks for the update. Looking forward.


Congratulations! You are clearly quite busy working toward that deadline. Afterward, could you write up all the issues you ran into that slowed down your development? What was missing, what was broken, which development design elements seemed complicated - that sort of thing.


Absolutely. Should be valuable to other devs going down similar roads.