Elderly React To Oculus Rift


I recently got hooked on The Fine Bros. YouTube channel. The first video I saw was one of the “Kid’s React” (to technology) videos where they show old school computers, rotary phones, etc to children and interview them. They have a whole React Series where they interview teens and elders as well, and other shows too. They’re huge and clock like a million views a day, and I must be the last guy to the party because I just noticed the channel recently. Anyway, I just saw this “Elder’s React to Oculus Rift” video and they demo an Oculus Rift to some older folks and interview them about it. Interesting video considering High Fidelity supports Oculus Rift and thought it would be interesting to share.


Oh, this is good. And the responses are always a bit the same. thanks for the video.


At first I rolled my eyes at the title of the video, thinking that it was likely going to promote stereotypes of people 60 and up as doddering, inept, uninteresting, old fools, confused and bewildered by new tech. I am sure that some are, just as there are young people as well who are not technically inclined.

I was pleasantly surprised. The people in this video are engaged, interested, still living and still learning. I was having a conversation one day with a LL employee in the SL mesh beta about how pleased I was to meet several people my age there, and how lucky I was to find these people. He said it was not surprising at all, that there is a large number of people 50+ in SL. I imagine that many of us here are in that age demographic.

This is a good thing! I have paid my dues, had a satisfying and rewarding career, raised a family, and now it is time for me to do the things I want to do. SL, and soon to be other virtual worlds, are good for people like me. It keeps me learning and engaged with other people.

I may not be face to face with you, but we are communicating and able to be in the same social space. Of course, I do not neglect real life family, friends, and activities. If anything, through virtual worlds I am more engaged with others, not less.


Oh no… The “React” series from The Fine Brothers is awesome. I ran into one of the Kids React videos once, and since then subscribed to the channel and watched a ton of their videos. Nothing demeaning at all in their videos. They’re super popular with 2 million subscribers and about 1 million page views per day. It’s interesting to see kids react to old technology and elders react to new technology. They have other things too, like they’ll show elders some young rapper, or other things that kids today are into. The very first video that got me hooked was Kids React to Rotary Phones…


The rotary phone where not so bad. Would almost say, missing it :slight_smile:


That’s true, it wasn’t bad at all, although to go back to it would be difficult. I thought it was funny how they were explaining that you had ask for someone specific when you called (vs today where phones are associated with an individual), and she was like, "how would you know if they were there… oh… you would call… ) Lol !