Elephant in the room - The Nude Avatar


Hi Metaverse Champions!

I’ve got a bit of a dilemma. As shown on forums, I’ve created pipelines that will enable me to produce avatars for use in High Fidelity. I’ve taken many hours to streamline my workflow. The problem I have is most users in SL and other virtual worlds expect avatar purchases to be nude. Placing a nude avatar on the Marketplace has not yet been attempted or approved.

I would love to start uploading my offerings. I will be showing an in-world store of my product line in the weeks leading up to June. I would like to get @Caitlyn to make recommendations on how best to move forward with border-line rated ‘R’ content. Topless is no big deal in Europe but I wouldn’t want to shatter the minds of our delicate youth here in the States. lol… nor would I want to get sued.

I need some advice. All are free to chime in with thoughts and feelings. Thanks!


I think that’s not the nudity the problem but what you do with it in the representation.


I think at the end the lower parts you need to cover on the picture for the marketplace. Not sure about the higher parts.

Checked Secondlife marketplace.

I would say, cover the parts on the picture the normal use in Adult things. So the picture get into the M or PG rating. For Female you need to cover more then a Male one.


Hey Alpha,

Glad you brought it up. I’m quite sure we will want to support all kinds of content, the specifics are how and where it is shown, and to whom. I’m going to talk to some exec stakeholders and will get back to you. :slight_smile:




I really hope that this is not restricted in the form of not being allowed. I understand ratings and allowing us to hide it if we don’t want to see it, but like SL, there should be no restrictions typically.

I’m following the social VR scene closely trying to pick out the ones that will be at the forefront, hopefully the decisions made here will allow HF to be that key player. Freedom in creation and interactivity has always made the most successful platforms.


Ok so get this…

MakeHuman avatars if created using the export process MANUALLY we can sell those legally.

Daz3d avatars cannot be sold, but clothing that is created can be sold.

Bastioni I’m still researching…

Fuse? lol fuse…
(btw the captain avatar is fuse and I intend to retire it to a basic NPC-role very soon)


Wonders if theres such a thing as a derogative biped avatar?
Ten fingers and toes that was my idea that was
sorta thing

as you seem to have discovered using somone elses model is a big of a nightmare
kinda why my original thought was it was somthing that needed to be created by hifi and made completly open source
or you just dont know what u can do with it
I dont want to develop for a system where I have to ask a lawyer to make a nice pair of pants


unfortunately that is the nature of business. everyone wants their slice of the pie.


Zactly , butt secondlife did so well because users were free to develop whatever they wanted for the default avatars, and because those were easily deformable they could have that odd concept of fun with them
rather than screaming about rigging and weight painting on forums lol

  • sl is dying on its arse eversince people decided thats 2 old now and made their own mesh avatars
    its now a total minefiled of complexity and liscences that mean you have to have been in sl for a decade to work it
    people dont want to work that hard
    maybe why vr chat became popular u can do all the avatar stuff but most peoplee just go with a this will do ready made
    so they dont really develop as u cant do much with knuckles ,


You ‘alley-oop’ me so nicely. I’ll go ahead and slam-dunk here…

So basically, all we need, is for someone to sell a NUDE AVATAR rigged and with face shapes for High Fidelity and ensure they reserve no rights to the avatar.

If I get enough people behind this concept, I’ll have no problems doing this. I can’t do it with Daz (legal reasons) but I can do it with a MakeHuman one.


Yes exactly with a but
The things that made the sl avatar good from a building perspective was its edgeflow

remember this
yes it had tris in in and flaws , but looking at the topology it had bras tshirts and many otherthings easily slicable from the base mesh
it was almost fun to work with
who ever made it in the first place maybe 20 years ago had really thought about it

make human has this garbage


Well there ya go, just create a work list job and have hifi pay you to change it. Then publish it as free to use and mod.


I’m working with the avastar product, currently creating a female bento and fit mesh enabled and plan to rig and migrate to HiFi. It will use the SL uv layouts so skins and system clothing should be possible. The base avatar template is called avamesh.



And how can yiu customize a default avatar ? Then sliders are needed to adjudt face , body and legs. Size is not the bg priblem because that’s already available from day one. Still a size slider would be good to.


Just following up on this… Any word from your stakeholders?


Another week, another bump…


Indeed but VRChat is Steam-based and beckons too much dev intervention. The ideal of a social game is to be unrestricted, so public spaces of course you won’t have nudity as a courtesy to general players, this is fair. However behind closed doors that is where courtesy to general players ends, no one including devs should have a say on how you play in the metaverse. This is why I pay for and support games that understand this concept.