Emote App Feedback!


Hey everyone,

We’ve been interested in changing the way the emotes work, where some might loop while others don’t, based on their actions. Can I get your input on emotes and how they currently work in High Fidelity?
I’m looking for the following information:

  1. How do you use emotes now? Are there any interesting ways you may be using them?

  2. Would you be interested in looping emotes? For instance, the dance animation could loop once you’ve provided character controller input like WASD or VR joystick/locomotion.

  3. What about emotes that don’t loop? For instance, would you want the ‘fall’ emote to stop at the end, and let you lie on the ground?

  4. Overall, do you use emotes? If not, what reasons are keeping you from using them? Lack of animations, usefulness, ease of access, etc.?

Thanks for your input!


I use both looping and non looping. What I wish , would be to add the ability to specify a start frame that is higher than the end frame and have it play the animation backwards. At the same time add an aditional loop mode of ping pong which goes for wads then backwards and repeats.


I only used for the first time the sit short on the load test last time.
It looked nice in VR. except my avatar that where sitting also where still rotating when i where turning in RL.

Would be nice if the avatar does not rotate anymore with your RL body when it’s sitting. I love the sit for VR to ! it’s very nice.


I love the new ‘sit on ground’ - that’s very nice done @alexia. The idea to loop the dance is fine. But all in all, I use the emote app very rare. I am tired of always changing the ‘you can only run 1 app’ style we have at moment. If I do something else, I try to stay in this task and don’t run the emote app for a short animation.

I remember a other old online world, 10-14 years ago, there was a HUD available for such things, but guess that’s just history.


@Skimi what online world are you referencing?


It reminds “Entropia Universe” in 2003.

This is definitely not a VR oriented tool.
It explains certainly a part of why I never used it…
(This, and also because there is not too mush people online in my time of activity.)

Among the interesting ones, there is maybe “clapping” (I wish I can do that with my controllers without ruins them)

Sit on the ground is also interesting. The animation doesn’t really fit in VR, we have like the head floating 10 inches in front of the avatar one.
But I would prefer to have it automatically triggered when I truly sit on the floor in RL. (Don’t know the feasibility on that. Just an idea)
it looks like that when I sit in RL without the emote tool, it’s not very far of a real sit on the ground :

Pointing, waving, cheering, I can do that by my self. (Dancing too by the way)

Dancing, fall, love, crying, surprise are to me classified in the category “don’t use that too often”.
It reminds me the most annoying SL newbe in the infohub when you see them doing that after 10 years on SL. :wink:

Probably the app is useful for Desktop user exclusively. (which, personnally, I don’t see too much the interest to use for the social aspect. I mainly invest here because it’s VR. Desktop is for now only for building)

But well, if there is a need for Desktop tool like this, so be it. (But I wouldn’t put that tool high in the priority list, even for desktop users.)


What’s missing the most for me when I interact with someone in High Fidelity are facial expressions, so maybe emotes can help with that. It also depends on how performative people want to be. The emotes in games like Overwatch and Fortnite are fun and nicely connected to character, but what is an exciting way to communicate that is good for VR? Maybe short gestures choreographed by dancers with sound design. Sorry there are more questions than answers, but it’s an interesting topic!


Is someone know if it’s possible to have an animation that is only affecting the legs but left the arms and the spin free to react to the headset and controllers ?

I found a way to detect when I sit on the ground (in rl) in HMD… Now I need a way to make the legs sit.