Enable links in the default Chat application


george i <3 you! this is so great!

can you make it automatically grab your display name btw and use that by default?


This is going to be massivley usefull
imagine being able to talk and or type and just share images and vids of what were discussing
and u as the viewer not to have to do anything to get them
finally after 5 years hifi begins to get a purpose beyond going oh look its 3d


I will try giphy and video sync.


giphy seems to work, you just need to use the link to the gif image itself (e.g. https://media.giphy.com/media/h2MLtoOjxtkGY/giphy.gif)


Twitter and discord chat u can type /giphy
And it pops up some to pick from
Not understanding how any of this works is that possible? It’s not essential

The sync thing who has control over the play button
How do u handle multiple people posting videos at the same time


For the video sync, I must think to a limiting mechanism, to have only one active video at a time, something like a carousel with arrows. If we are looking at a video and other users post other videos, this videos will enter in a cue list. After showing the first video, users must switch to the second, and so on… It will be difficult to implement, but I think is the only feasible solution. Maybe using web entity is also an option. A tablet app, that will rez a web entity at a time with pasted video link, I’m thinking to include also a volume control of the web entity based on avatar position, in this way when an avatar is approaching the volume will increase. Or instead a different app, another way will be to let users to paste video links in chat, below of each video will be a REZ button. Users that have Rez rights, will can click this buttons and rez a web entity that can be synchronized.


I was imagining giving a presentation and getting spammed with other links
maybe the people with build permissions or in a group can do this
or the dj


I’m thinking also to a pdf viewer in the same way. Paste a pdf link in chat, click rez button, rezz it in a javascript pdf viewer in web entity and sync pages. Will be great for presentations.


Yess! educationally quite useful…


Wow, great work @GeorgeDeac !! Now how about adding 1:1 chat between domains? :slight_smile:


I think, that can be done, using Connections / Friends list, by clicking on a button next to a friend name, we can open a private chat room. Unfortunately, we need a node.js or a socket server, or we can use Mozilla TogetherJS.


@GeorgeDeac If you were able to come up with something (in the way of a node server or whatever), we could certainly run it experimentally. Broadly I agree we want to enable 1:1 chat.


A few things I miss from the chat here that I’ve seen and used in other chat systems are:

Being able to enter a chat comment like:
/ME waves his arms around
…and it shows up in chat as:
Nathan Adored waves his arms around.

Having typed something into chat and hit Enter, while in the chat message entry field it would be nice to be able to hit the up-arrow button on my keyboard and have my last sent comment come back up again in the chat field so I can re-send it if it failed to go through, or edit it to send a different version of it, and maybe progress through each of the previous comments I sent in reverse order.

There are probably other ones I’ve forgotten about, too, but these I use a lot elsewhere.


Msn messenger you could add your own emotes, imagine if we could do something similar .
irc chat you could type the first part or an active users name press tab and it would auto complete the name
and @GeorgeDeac if the boss is interested maybe this could be on worklist :slight_smile:


BTW, I’m happy someone is talking about adding a cross-domain chat function.


Maybe even use https://twemoji.twitter.com/ as reference :slight_smile:


I’ve added the emoticon feature to the chat (thank you @Menithal for suggestion). You can use this symbols:

  smile  :   :-)  ,  :)  ,  =]  ,  =)                   
  sad  :   :-(  ,  =(  ,  :[  ,  :&lt;               
  wink  :   ;-)  ,  ;)  ,  ;]  ,  *)  ),
  grin  :   :D  ,  =D  ,  XD  ,  BD  ,  8D  ,  xD                   
  surprise  :   :O  ,  =O  ,  :-O  ,  =-O                   
  devilish  :   (6)                    
  angel  :   (A)                
  crying  :   :'(  ,  :'-(                    
  plain  :   :|              
  smile-big  :   :o)                   
  glasses  :   8)  ,  8-)                 
  kiss  :   (K)  ,  :-*                    
  monkey  :   (M)  


Missing my usual one :frowning: colon + open round bracket. It is acknowledged by this forum as you can see :slight_smile:


I’m wondering if the chat can be done even as a kind of group chat spanning over multiple domains, or even working while you are in your sandbox. It seems it should be not hard to do, or is there a limitation that the chat must be confined in one domain only? Ah is that what you are doing with this? Cross-Domains Audio / Video Conference, Text Chat and Video Share