Encountered a large obstacle? Use HookGun to get moving over it


You can rez two hookguns using the following script

Its not yet fully done, and needs some tweaking but once it is I will submit the PR to merge it with the existing scripts in High Fidelity client. It also requires the build with fixed avatar velocities, which was completed in PR 7874

But I am now looking for testers and feedback. Please use the latest dev build, instead of Release doesnt support thrust when pushing the user up.

I am posting this now, because the progress in the development will be delayed as I have the unfortune of having to sent both of my HTC Vive Controllers back for repairs Today. Hopefully ill get them back within a few weeks. But for now, I want to get some feedback :slight_smile:


@Menithal, Can I ask what the symptoms of your Vive hand controller problems were?

I am having some problems with mine but I am not sure if they are broken or it is just an issue with HiFi.
They seem to work fine in other programs like tilt brush, job simulator etc. but in HiFi I was not able to make the grab and equip functions work and the left track pad has problems after using it in world for awhile.

I was able to fix the the grab and equip problem by using the default inspect.js and edit.js scripts instead of @ctrlaltdavid’s versions. But the track pad movement problems remain. It works at first but eventually the move forward stops working. I can move left and right or backwards but when I try to move forward, at most I move a tiny bit or it looks like I try to go up a bit.

I am looking forward to testing your new version. One thing I would like to see added is the ability to change the direction of the movement with the hand position: Pull hand back slightly from the click position and it functions as it does now. But then if you move your hand forward to in front of the initial click position, the line would get longer and you could then “swing” from overhead objects or use it to lower yourself down from a height.

Oh, and I was looking at the textures on them at the meetup, good job on that, they look really good.


I actually revisted the textures again tuning them further, you should check them out :slight_smile:

Re :Vive my track pads stopped working / behaving correctly the right side, it wouldnt click and no program could recognize the input in any software. Basically a mechanical fault, i suspect the contact shifted to some odd position.

Wasnt related to the Hifi bug where sometimes the track pads wouldnt reapond because you have menu open (which is equally annoying) :slight_smile: