Enter key no longer offering teleportation?


I’m not sure if this is a bug or the option has been moved to someother Macro but I tried to change my location by hitting the ENTER key but that function seems to be offline.
I DID check to see if my scripts were running (all seems okay there). I’m at a bit of a loss.


@Foxxe try Control L if on PC or CMD L if on Mac.

There’s been a change to user interface according to source code comments. I won’t carry on about how it would have been nice if something like that had been given some forum warning notice.


Here’s the specific note from source code on this change.

This is an initial implementation of using QML with a QQuickRenderControl to implement high-performance UI inside the 3D scene.

Currently the address bar and the login dialog are implemented. The
hotkey for the location bar is now ⌘-L (Ctrl-L on windows).

Known bugs:

Because the overlay renders relative to the avatar, not the camera, if
you switch into third person mode the overlay is difficult to use.

Backspace key in edit dialogs appears to be broken. Will investigate.

I can confirm backspace does not work - if you make a typo close and reopen input box. I’m rather surprised it was promoted to active with that issue still present.


Also an issue, for me at least, is that clicking on entered text in the dialog box clicks through to what is under it, which for me is the mirror which causes the view to switch to full screen mirror.


Apologies that we didn’t post that the shortcut would be changing before merging that stuff this morning.

We had to move the shortcut off of ‘Enter’ because of the work we are doing to get dialogs friendly to the HMD. We picked ‘Ctrl+L’ because it is what Chrome uses to select the location bar.


Any idea when backspace or @Twa_Hinkle issue might be addressed? Both are somewhat annoying, especially backspace.


hmm a Chrome (browser) influence? interesting… I don’t/won’t use chrome for personal reasons but if the relocation of the function makes everything more functional then I’m all for it! :slight_smile:


@OmegaHeron - sorry, had missed the backspace bug report. The dev working on the HMD UI overhaul is continuing to work on that stuff this week so I would imagine the backspace fix will be in soon!


I’m investigating the backspace problem. A simple workaround is to use ‘shift right-arrow’ to highlight the previous character and then either hit delete or type in your replacement. Should hopefully have a fix today though.

On the click-through issue (where clicking in parts of a dialog also affects controls behind it, like the mirror, I’m working that issue as well, In the short term the “fix” might be to stop putting all new dialogs in the upper right corner so that it’s not quite as apparent. Longer term I need to figure out how to manage the new UI overlay so that is swallows precisely the clicks it should and none of them that it shouldn’t.


The mouse wheel and mouse click issues should be resolved now. I have a temporary solution for the backspace issue which is imperfect (if you have a dialog open and you’re in edit mode, I believe the backspace will both remove the previous character and also delete any select object… so don’t do that).


I have a PR open that should restore the enter key as a shortcut for opening the address bar.


Thank you for the efforts.