Enter with mic muted by default (privacy issues)


Surely I’m missing this important point or it is cleverly hidden somewhere. Is there a place where I can configure the mic to be defaulted to muted when entering in HF?
It happens that in my house there are people constantly talking and not always I remember to disable the mic when entering, I would expect that there should be an option in the interface to default the mic to disabled so to avoid to disturb the domain with local noises.


Currently no, but Someone could make a script to do so when teleporting / Connecting from place to place to auto-mute.


i eventually found out how to do for making this happen. This very simple script does the trick:

Audio.muted = true;

To install it just create a something.js on your preferred sftp server and put its url in ctrl-J dialog.
Thanks to @humbletim for suggesting this great thing (!).

It appears there is another quite long script doing a lot of things. From humbletim as well. But I was not able to understand what exactly is doing… Can @humbletim suggest which is the difference?

The other long script is: