Entities and ownership


It would seem that entities do not have a user or identifying user information to who has brought in World The Entity as of yet.
It would seem to me that a owner of a virtual world may wish to see the owner of items that has been rez with in their world or a user’s sandbox.
I do believe this can be added to an entity’s list so that the entity list will show the item owner.


There is no ownership data available for Entities, its been suggested but its been very often just ignored: Mostly because they also allow for anonymous connections, as long as the domain allows for it, in which case its much harder to give ownership for entities, when the user is anonymous.

But for direction, you should read the blog Philip Posted.

For now,
There also is no “ownership” as we have no “inventory” nor as have a persistant Id for our accounts, instead that being a machine fingerprint, which is bound to computer, not account. They are trying to go into a direction where there is no sharing of username, as the username is something they do not want to use for identity for regular users as in domain only info, but even is something they have not gone fully with (see friendlist)

Instead, security is through whom ever edits entity last leaves a stamp that they were the last user to edit it. Not the best method, and easy to circumvent, but it is a start.

If however you want to make an object that only you can interact with, and persist, create the object locally instead using

Entities.addEntity({insert properties here}, true);

An edit.js version may come later supporting this.


I was holding off replying to this, and I see @menithal’s succinct and clear description of the issues as well as a clear articulation of the High Fidelity’s strong position to not be in the centralized identity business (although it is for now). They have a strong commitment to anonymity. Of practical note is that everything in an entity can be manipulated by anyone. There are no protected fields.

@Bill_Windwalker, this excellent question and others tied to inventory and asset management come up from time to time, and the short answer is if you, the virtual world builder, wants to create a world in which entities have owner tags, you have to write that feature into your own inventory and asset manager system. Or maybe you can implement a trust chain. They will not do it. And by ‘you’ I mean ‘us’. It is up one or more of us world builders to put together such a system and then duke it out as to whose management system will prevail.