Entities changed rotation after updating stack-manager and interface.exe


Something got terrible broken in high fidelity. my terrain is now rotated. after updating the stack-manager and interface 3664.

Rotation is not changed in the entity properties !


Just tried to correct it, but nothing happens with same rotation parameter. it’s stuck in wrong angle compared to what is set.


There was a recent change in the animation system that might have caused this. We’ve tested it on all our existing content and did not see this specific issue. Can you give me more information on this? Is it affecting all of your models or some of them? Which modeling tool did you use to create them in?

Any information would be helpful, thanks.


Sofar i have found and see it only happens on my big terrain mesh with streets and grass. It’s made in blender. Type SimSquare to see it yourself.


@hyperlogic , the pitch setting in entity properties is not working at all.
If you click on the pitch arrows in entity properties the counter is not working and always revert back to 0.00. If you use the arrows instead it clicks one up it seems to hang for very long and the building is rotating very much.


@hyperlogic this is happening to my roads in qbit, as you can see they are all spun up to 90degrees.

Objects made in blender, I cant remember if there was any rotation from original but the properties panel shows no rotation.


@Adrian Does the model have its rotation applied zeroed out in blender? I haven’t had this problem which could mean I haven’t updated my stack yet but it seems odd its just the road, but a general rule is apply rotation and scale or weird things shall befall you


@Judas Let me know when you have updated your stack.
The model was never rotated in blender, and these roads have been fine for months, so something has suddenly happened in Hifi.


ok updated and everything seems fine @Adrian
jut check tho the road in blender in the transform panel (n)

that location rotation and scale are all at 0


My street is never been rotated also. and in blender it looks fine.

Just updated the stack-manager and interface (3673) No change, except i could now see pitch and roll where a bit wrong. So i did set them both to 0.00 and it made the angle only worse.


Notice with the road piece selected the selection bounding box shows up in the correct position flat on the ground, even though the model itself looks to be jacked.

I couldnt get a better snap because the camera tools are borked again, but thats another story.


I noticed the same on my sim and picture. the bounding box is right.


Thanks guys, for the input, we are continuing to look into this.


Found another fictim, my windows on my building at earth 19 are rotated.
Very intressting, because the windows are inside the building FBX and cannot be editted seperate.



Here is a PR that fixes the road issue in Qbit. @Richardus.Raymaker it doesn’t seem to fix the issue with the schillerstrasse-A1_110.fbx model. If you can provide me with a copy I will investigate further.


This is now in master.


The issue with the windows should be fixed in this PR, thanks for the help in finding this issue.


Confirmed, this issue is fixed for me in 3681, thanks.


My road in simsquare is fixt, the building on earth have still wrong windows. But that is siofar i know fixt in a few days