Entities.findEntities always misses something


Why are my scripts so unreliable?
There has been an ongoing problem, using Entities.findEntities almost always misses at least one object, it is simply unreliable, which is strange. Am I doing something wrong?

In the case in question, I am, searching for text entities, and its right there I can see it, and the script finds almost all of them but almost reliably will miss one. And then suddenly for no reason it sees it and registers it. Then the next day it ignores it again. All of which is completely frustrating because I cant rely on these scripts.

I have the name correct, I have the object within radius, the object has rezzed I am looking at it. I have tried using names, userData, location, text content, it just seems to ignore at least one entity, why would if to that? What have I missed?
Is this related to the other issue that the system simply ignores your click?


Curious adrian. can you see if it’s the first or last object in the list that always get missing ?