Entities Import Not working


I have been working on 2 computers to create a world in High Fidelity. Whenever I need to switch computers I select my entities and export them as a .json item. The import has been working fine up until today. I do not know if it is due to the new update, or if perhaps there was a problem with the export this time around which caused the import not to work.\

I have a screenshot attached which shows that the objects were imported and show up in my assets list. I can select them, but the models and the textures do not show up in any way.


Can the domain access the assets ?
If you have that on atp on one system you need to upload them again on the other system. If it’s http asset i do not know what go wrong.

It could be that in the past you used assets from cache mabye. And i did read something about clean cache when teleport.

I expect your assets cannot be found. check that first.


I just did see your same problem on my localhost. empty with green box.
The trick i did is teleporting to localhost again. that did load things for me.