Entities vs Models--Hopefully not a scary pop-cultural nightmare



So, I’ve been lurking and reading for about a year and frankly, waiting for Beta to come my way. Really, I’m not at the level to figure a lot of this stuff out like all you alphas out there…(which may seem a bit transparent…but whatevs).

I am confused by some language I’ve seen that seems contradictory. Can someone please tell me:

  1. if there is no longer a difference between an “entity” and a “model” or if there still is

  2. if you can or cannot attach an entity to an avatar or must only use a model for that (hat on robot description)

  3. If the latter part of both 1 and 2 above is the case, what (in simple Beta terms) is the difference between the two?

Thinking I need to wait for the Omega…but I don’t really want to. I’ve been waiting for this tech since the late 70’s or something…

Also, if entities vs models ARE a pop-cultural nightmare…I think the casting of these roles needs careful consideration.




Tries to answer
I think entities and models are the same thing, There is a cube and a sphere which are probably entities Most things are Fbx’s early on there was a Minecraft kinda phase which I think is behind us
2 I think you can only attach like you said models (unless script can do this stuff 2 which I don’t know much about)
I would recommend giving it a go and trying to convert a few models to fbx. its getting alot easier now you can host stuff on your own asset transfer thing. You can bring things into your own pvt domain and kick the tyres a bit and see what works.
If you get stuck just nag the forum


1 / 3. All Objects in the world are referred to as entities. An Entity can be one of a multitude of types: a Model, a Zone, a Light, a Text, a Web interface, a Particle Effect or a Primitive. So in its simplest terms, an Entity is the technical term for an Object in High Fidelity. It contains the Model and the information on where it is and how it should behave. For ease, just use the term Object if not speaking in scripting context :slight_smile:
2. There are a few ways to “attach” entities:

  • Parent them to avatar: This is when the entities parent is set to your avatar. It will then inherit the location and rotation relative to the avatar.
  • Attach them to avatar bones: When entities are parented to a bone of an avatar. They can also follow the bone scale, position and rotation, and can sorta behave like clothing (see Avatar > Attachments… just note that this is a tad bit crashy atm)
  • Equip them via scripts: This is similar to attaching them to the bones, however the scripts decide to which bones it gets attached to and overall these get controller by these scripts.

Additionally, An Entity may also be the child of, or the parent of Other Entities. They may also be parented to Avatars or Avatars be parented to them: So they may consist of a hierarchy of Entities.

Hopefully that answers your question


^ what he said XD

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Speaking of hosting things on one’s own asset server thingy… is there a guide somewhere yet on the ins and the outs of that? If not, one would be worth having. I know that was on the road map for HF, but wasn’t sure how far along that one was.


Thanks Judas! This was helpful! Glad to hear about the asset transfer thingy, too. I was reading about Amazon and Dropbox and found that a bit cumbersome, too. I’d rather have the option of having my own…once I figure that part out!


And that was really helpful, too! Thanks Menithal! Sounds like the first part of 2 is the easiest once I am not apparently sideways to myself each time I try to come in to the world via my still confusing vive. :slight_smile:

Hoping I get the hang of it soon.


Maerian, since you are primarily a model builder, a lot of the problems areas of HF will, thankfully, not affect you. The main difference is that you will be doing most of your building out-world using tools like Blender or Maya. Terrain creation is also not dynamic as in SL-style grids. That too is going to have to be done out-world.

Maybe someday others will provide or sell in-world terrain builders, but that is something more than 6 months away.

As for dynamics, animations, scripts, etc. this is presently a mess and quite complicated, well into nerd/geek territory.



Thanks, Bal!