Entity cross-contamination?


I’ve now run into this problem several times for the last 4-5 interface releases. What happens is that when I start the interface, several entities that were in my local domain appear in new domain to which I logged into. I can edit them, delete them, and when I go back to my local domain they have indeed been changed or deleted. I have seen it happen in other direction, being in a domain (like "earth’), reclogging into my local domain I sometimes find entities from the other domain, also editable. This happens on Interface 2416 - 2431. Just got 2433 and will see how that one fares.



Sometimes in Computer Science you’ll have a team report a ‘bug’. Then the programmers shout back with, “That is no bug! That is a FEATURE!”

On first scan of your entry, I thought, yes, this is a valid concern… but then I realized the POTENTIAL of it. Perhaps you could afix the domain name to the fbx to instance them specifically. Then when you place the .fbx on your server, they will be easily identifiable.

So… in this case, you would upload “earth_pooltable.fbx” to a server, then import it into hifi://earth you could then upload “mydomain_pooltable.fbx” to a server, then import it into a different domain and it would behave independently. You might not get a response from the HiFi devs, and if so, it is likely because this is the way the process is supposed to work.

Just my two cents. Thanks.


I encountered something sort of related. For me, it was text that I typed into the avatar preferences dialog, and which I later found displayed on somebody’s sign on Earth. I am fairly certain that is not a feature.