Entity edit controls get stuck (intermittent fault)


Making position changes from the Entity Tools panel using the up/down selectors to change the values, sometimes gets stuck on and the values cascade or run up uncontrollably, object continues to move.

What I am expecting:
I expect to be able to increment the position by one single unit with a short click.
Holding the carat with a long click should repeat the press constantly until release

What really happens :
Short click makes it acts as if I am holding the button on and continues to change values,
and even after I release the button sometimes the object keeps moving.

To reproduce:
Create an entity
select it, open properties
click once on any of the position x, y, z carats
see if it only moves one unit per click.


I have had the exact same experience, along with the camera seemingly resetting itself while I am editing. Placement of entities and mesh is very cumbersome. I didn’t report this, because I thought it was just me. I have a long history of difficulty with 3D manipulation…I am better now, but this feels like a step backward. Thanks.


I have seen this happen as well - it’s not consistent, but often enough that it should be reproducible with steps listed and patience.


I have seen it, I have told @huffman about it.


The step is for me many times to big to, it’s going in steps of one meter. wioth the side effect that if the old setting where 0.90 and you click it get set to 1.00 instead of 1.90

And still need to movement arrow for X and Z direction, because the shift is a flaky solution that not works reliable. the cube still moved in all directions. Thats why arrows are much better to control the entity with.