Entity edit: resize by grab corner not resize on all axis


Some weird problem. if i go in edit mode to resize my entioty. i want todo all axes X,Y,Z at once. sop you grab a corner. But it’s only resizing on one axes or strange and thecorrect deminsions get lost.

More have this problem ? i now need todo it by number.


Also an additional request @chris:

When using the resize by number percentage, the percentage doesn’t reset to 100 after resizing of the model.


I recently imported a scale model of the full size street layout I’m working on. I exported via blender to .20 scale and imported into HiFi.

I needed to make the model EVEN SMALLER. (no prob) So I used the scale by percentage in the edit menu for the entity.

I typed in 50% for example…hit ‘resize’ and sure enough it was half as small. Then I wanted to make it SMALLER than that; so, under assumption I needed to change the number from 50 to 25 to make it an additional 50% smaller. This does not function as expected, and it made it 25% of the size of the previously scaled model, with no indication of the new scale.

Hence, after clicking the ‘resize’ or ‘rescale’ or whatever it is called, the number value associated needs to reset to 100. In order to get to 25% of the original import I needed to set it to 50% and hit ‘resize’ twice…

Probably not the only one that needs that functional…


This sounds like how as example paint shop pro works to with rescaling.
So, not suprissed if it happens in more software.

I think if you know you need to count from 100% it make some sense.
I still trip over this sometimes with image rescaling :open_mouth:


Yes, I also have this resizing problem. I assumed it was due to something I do not know about the tools, however.


Scaling is doing a bit weird , just tried to use it.


i want to scale it 500% that’s wrong size so itype 1000% and then i get a size thats not expected. same with resize it back to smaller. You ned to reset every time the shape before you rescale. Mabey the reset can be done automatic when you click rescale.


To lock the X,Y,Z while scaling you hold the shift key while dragging the corner tab.
I have recently released a video and doc page describing the editing entities


Ohh, then why don’t hide the conrner complete until you press the shift key ?.
Then with tinmy objects you see more what you doing too.