Entity Editing feature


Can we have a feature that kicks in when your carefully trying to edit a model that it vanishes and gets thrown to the origin point of the sim repeatedly.


Would be nice… this is doing my head in!!!


its like building on buttery ice in leather sole shoes


If only it were that easy… ;-p


I really want to bring this up at a meetup. The view changing during editing, and what you said, are driving me mad.(der)


Yeah I had a HELL of a time trying to import an entity a few days back. I only had to click on it while editing to “magically” shrink it down to 0.010 on the scale. (it was supposed to be far larger than that!)

Shrinking it was not what I was doing (I was trying to MOVE it into place)


@Judas Is it when moving an entity that it gets thrown to the origin point of your sim?


@huffman it tries to do it at 3.55 in this vid

its just kinda imprecise and twitchy , I was thinking if the entity had a center origin point cube that both locked said entity into edit mode and once selected the arrow keys allowed it to be moved along its axis it may help. once I make an entity thin in as seen in the video it makes it really tricky to move accurately, without resorting to typing in the location.


I’ve also been struggling to get things fluid when I’m editing it can be a bit tetchy sometimes
Is the close-up detail Is fiddly right as you just said on the video

Partially to do with the control and camera control I think combined


@Judas Thanks, this is super helpful. I don’t have any fixes at the moment, but I know the cause of most of these issues.

Side question - Disregarding bugs, how do you like the style of the tools themselves? We’ve talked about implementing (and I have actually partially implemented) more conventional translate-rotate-scale tools like you would see in blender, Unity, or most other programs that allow you to manipulate 3D objects, so it would be good to know what the community’s thoughts are.


@huffman Id rather have more conventional looking manipulation tools. This way the transition to working within high fidelitys world would be easier. Why reinvent whats not broken?

Shortcut controls could be maintained the same as with the grab script imo


I quite like them bugs aside, for me they need to be obvious and simple. I secretly miss the voxel building. It had a immediacy to it.
I think its important that the final solution must be workable wearing a rift and hydras. Whilst I understand @Menithal desire for conventional, and if my own view is always can we have everything the same as Blender. We have an opportunity to experiment a bit with it.Have you seen the spotlight tools in Zbrush they always struck me as completely original and really intuitive to use .


One of the ui things I loved in the old version of SL was the Pie menu.
While this doesnt make sense for the modern ui standards, I think it makes sense for VR, if combined hand tracking or the sort, similar to that one video…

The Zbrush tool selection looks pretty into really cool direction.


There was a guy from Leap Motion at SVVR and he showed some cool demos of UI’s attached to hands and forearms. Looked really cool.


yes it does I always love watching that movie short that’s how I visions I would be able to build with my hands :slight_smile:


he was so excited as well full of enthusiasm great speaker


It sounded like there was a bunch of cool stuff in development he couldn’t even talk about. I think/hope things are going to get really immersive, really quick.


The use of snapping, an orthographic viewport and parametric properties are very important to me typically for positioning. In general properties need to be as accessible as possible.