Entity is not loading on my domain. until i move my avatar


Some problem that is going on for a while. it’s a bit random
When i login on my domain. i see things load. But if i where not inworld for a while. my ground and street entity. one big entity. is not loading. until i move my avatar. Then it get visible.


Seeing same - previously it loaded all that should be within view of AV at login to scene - this takes us back to old Interface behavior of having to spin 360 degrees to load all.


Today i noticed it in extreme.

Appeared on my domain, i did open entieties list to edit get something. 50% of the entieties where not in the list. In this case everything behind me where not loaded.
Until i did a rotate and refresh, then the list where complete.

Sounds like the entities exclusion for showing is not loading object nearby. the still need to load them behind me or not.