Entity list not showing


Clicking Entity list does not bring up the entity list, it does nothing, its been like this for a few days now.


The latest update to editEntites.js seems to have broken, but - if you enable edit mode from it, click on any model - then you can get the model list from bottom of properties tab.


Unfortunately this isnt working very well either, it completely ignores some of the entities, so its all but useless for finding anything on the domain, thanks anyway.
I can see an entity thats 500M long but this panel cant detect it??? so I cant select it until I am on top of it, which completely negates the point of finding it via the panel in the first place.
Bring back the model/entity selector that doesnt decide which entities it will report and which it wont, I want it to report ALL entities. And I would like it to select entity on select, which it never did for some strange reason, instead we got limited choices like, delete, teleport, and properties, well how about SELECT, cmon its critical to be able to select stuff.


The new entity properties panel is great, many thanks, I love the ordered list and the hidden URL is brilliant. :smile:

This panel is the best one because its combining all the good features, selectable, deletable, full list viewable, and instant apply so serious testing can begin.

The big point is hidden URL, this means we can feel a bit safer about bringing in our valuable and unique content.

The refresh still ignores some of the content but it feels deliberate, only seems to register objects in the near vicinity, I understand the reasoning, that list will get awfully long, I imagine we will eventually be able to expand this radius of detection in the future, or at least get the number of objects not listed or something,

Nice work :slight_smile:


Just bring the show bounding box back like we did have in the past. just draw a yellow line around it so we see it inworld. That where perfect and its still the best way to find entitiys fast. the entitit list is a good add-on.


@Adrian Indeed, the list is limited to a 100 meter radius in order to avoid loading too many entities into the list. I think we will explore expanding this in the future.


Sadly the URL is still plainly available for all to see on the next tab "Entity Properties"
So not safe yet to bring in the goodies.
Maybe we can hide this url from everybody until code is in place to allow read by owner only?

But for now our content is still completely exposed.


@Adrain, did you checked the console ?
The can hide it from inworld view. but it need to be removed from console to.
I need to check it myself next time i login.


@Adrian Just checked it, the console still showing the url’s to