Entity resize grab widgits largely unresponsive


There is an annoying bug in the entity selection and edit process. Sometimes (most of the time) the resize blocks on the corners and edges of the entity bounding box dont behave as they should 90% of the time.

To reproduce:
Step one: turn on edit.
Step two: select an entity
Steps three to fifteen: try to make one of the little black dots on the corners go red so you can resize.

They are largely unresponsive, they simply ignore the mouse over, this system whatever it is, doesnt always work, it is hopelessly unreliable, I can spend 5 minutes trying to make this stupid little block turn red until my face turns red. I have to move 3 or 4 times just to click these things.


Is it possible the “selection box” is between you and the handles? as in the handles are behind the object?


I havent taken much notice of that, all the handles are visible, are you saying they wont select if behind the bounding box? It would be great to make some sense of why it sometime doesnt work for me.


likely that’s the issue


After some extensive testing I am no closer to proving your suggestion.

It sometimes highlites even if behind the bounding box and it also sometimes doesnt highlite if in front of the bounding box, or on top of it or under it.

I have tried to let it behave as you suggest but it doesnt really seem to be the case. With a clear shot at the little black dots, they sometimes simply ignore the mouse-over, as in totally ignore it I have to move closer or further away or a more reliable move is to strafe a few meters and approach it from a different angle and this seems to work most of the time, but then I have moved away from the ideal spot and simply resizing one entity takes 5 minutes instead of 10 seconds.

The only thing I think I have noticed is the black dot seems to want to be hovered over a specific face of the little black dot, but this is hard to prove because the active face is not always the same one. Its almost as if (if the active face is not seen it will not respond to mouseover)
sometimes the parallax error causes the highlite point to be slightly away from the actual dot but not always.

This is still an issue and has been as long as I can remember. Spend enough time inworld moving stuff around and you will surely meet this issue.