Entity Rotation Issue


Lately I have a problem with editing entities. A simple example is:

I click on Edit then click on create box. A red box appears:

I then change a dimension (in this case I set x = 1.):

My problem is: as soon as I change a dimension, the rotation values change from 0.0 to -0.0017. And I can not seem to ever get the rotations to go back to zero, even if I edit them and set them by hand back to zero, they revert back to -0.0017 either immediately or when I exit edit and then edit again.


It’s a regression to an old old old bug where ambiguity in floats over what 0 really is manifests. A year+ ago every field would drift about 0 but never settle to 0 - this was stabilized but it seems the attempt to give us 4 digits of usable precision continues to be a challenge to tidy up. @chris


Great, got it and will put it in.


All fields that default to 0 need to be checked for actually settling on 0d0 and manually entering such should set to 0d0 and stay 0d0 - it’s going to be an ongoing problem with lack of float precision using single precision floats, but, this portion of problem is solvable.


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Back from some chores.

The problem with this low precision issue is that is transcends more than just cleaning up by quantizing 0.0. It is an issue with PI, PI/2, PI/4, or 45.0, 90.0, etc. It is an issue with linear measurements millimeters apart but 43 miles in the sky. It is not hypothetical since it happens in SL today, happens in opensim grids today.

Any reason why doubles are not used? Is it related to offloading some of the work to GPUS, although nowadays they too handle doubles.


I have to agree with Balpien on this one. In fact I would suggest that HiFi base it’s code on the minimum specs for HMD use.

I know this will have some people being very pissed off (as we’ve seen in the forums, and elsewhere), but we have all heard complaints from people in every maintained software about “why doesn’t this software work with my 10 year old computer?” or 8 or 6 or 4.

And don’t get me wrong, I am facing the same issue. My main desktop is almost 4 years old and will not be able to handle a HMD very well, if at all. I have a few days to decide if I am willing to spend the $3000+ USD to pre order a Vive and a system that will run it.

But, I have bought many computers over the years and never regretted upgrading.


Yeah thats odd, since js Number variabled as behind the js engines should be Doubles.

Could those be a side effect of QtWebUI is doing this odd conversion when js is reading up the values of the forms?