Entity server Hit PPS Limit message



Entity server is sending constant repeating log output of;

[DEBUG] [08/06 11:56:04] [8271] [entity-server] Hit PPS Limit, packetsSentThisInterval = 1   maxPacketsPerInterval =  1   clientMaxPacketsPerInterval =  1

This is with server side code at latest and running on Linux. Any insight on this?

This is being output from OctreeServer.cpp at line 574.

if (somethingToSend) {
qDebug() << "Hit PPS Limit, packetsSentThisInterval =" << packetsSentThisInterval
<< " maxPacketsPerInterval = " << maxPacketsPerInterval
<< " clientMaxPacketsPerInterval = " << clientMaxPacketsPerInterval;

If that’s indicating an actual error/problem it would be interesting to know what it really means… or is it just some leftover debug cruft?


Sounds like it a warning that Packers Per Second has exceeded. Definitely a bug or too low threshold


Yes - and it comes and goes with various code revisions leading one to think it might be an uninitialized variable somewhere taking on random state. If entity-server on windows suffers same performance hits due to console logging as it does with Interface then this is probably leading to some degradation there due to log flood.