Entity will not Render IF Physics shapeType=simple-compound


I rolled back 3 public versions and it was still a problem. Not sure how long this one has gone under the radar.

Known: shapeType is now “simple-compound” WAS “compound” (not sure when that changed)

Entity Model with shapeType set to “simple-compound” will rez.

Entity Model will ONLY rez if set to “none”.

Found By:
Attempting to rez an item from ATP and from Marketplace with shapeType == “simple-compound”

Temp Fix for Others:
Switch any place you are using dynamic Entities with PHULL from anything other than “none”.

The interface engine will show the item without green borders so the system believes it has a valid item to render; (and… it does…) but the system will not render the item. To ensure I had the correct item I tried to ‘spawn’ or ‘rez’ the same item from various locations, and everytime I did, it wouldn’t render unless I used “none” or “no physics hull”. It WOULD render if “exact” was choosen also, but that is too intensive on my dev server, so I just opted for “none” until a fix can be rolled.

Can someone rush to fix this one? It’s bad when you have 100’s of entities that no longer render. :frowning:

Entity shapeType reference:

 var shapeType;
            switch (result.comboBox) {
            case SHAPE_TYPE_SIMPLE_HULL:
                shapeType = "simple-hull";
                shapeType = "simple-compound";
            case SHAPE_TYPE_STATIC_MESH:
                shapeType = "static-mesh";
            case SHAPE_TYPE_BOX:
                shapeType = "box";
            case SHAPE_TYPE_SPHERE:
                shapeType = "sphere";
                shapeType = "none";



Cc: @Frizzlefry