Entry Screen, Blocking Login Pane and Download Link Mess


Several people have mentioned how bad the login pop up is… and it insists on a successful login before it allows you to continue with other popups that are shown.

Here is an example of a login this morning. It has the blocking login pane at the top and shows a new version download popup in the centre of the screen…

The download pop-up itself is also a mess on Windows showing clipped text. The download panel buttons all are inoperable until you login with the blocking pane for that above.

Yet, in spite of the authentication being asked for and required… the windows content and window header would make you THINK you were already logged in with your last avatar and that you were on the domain you were last at.

Once you go to the trouble of logging in, the Interface then immediately is terminated to allow the download to continue.

This now needs a SERIOUS tidy up folks, and no more introduction of clocking pop up panels, as happened with the recent go to location panel.




I set a couple of related jobs to bidding on Worklist.