Equivalent of MyAvatar.getPosition() for avatar body parts other than head/hands?

Hi all,

I’m using the viveMotionCapture script posted by madman (thanks madman!) to track Vive pucks on my avatars, and I am wondering if any equivalent to MyAvatar.getHeadPosition() and such exists for other avatar parts, i.e. the feet if the pucks are on them. Not seeing anything really in the API docs, so I’m guessing not, but maybe someday? Anyone have any tips on how to go about getting the positional data of the feet via the Vive trackers? I am thinking it might be doable via getting the joint rotations, but that is all I can really think of so far. Thanks for any suggestions!

you could use MyAvatar.getJointPosition

Thanks for the reply! That is looking like it might be the best path forward from what I seeing too.