ERROR: 0xc000012f


The problems I am experiencing began after a major Windows 10 update on the 23Jan 2018.

Basically, I have been using High Fidelity and Linden Lab Sansar which worked fine until now. The error you see in the attached image happens now every time I launch either viewer which then crashes.

I have tried a clean uninstall and reinstall and used Windows tools to clean & repair the OS but the problem persists and I am locked out of both services.
Any help for this would be appreciated.


Try reinstalling the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update 3 It sounds like the update cleaned it up.


Thanks for the advice @Menithal. As it turns out I had already decided on restoring Windows to original state and it solved the issue but, of course, with plenty to do recovering programs, files, etc.

But I have HF and Sansar back.