Error 500? (Also kill this IDIOTIC "Title too short crap!)


okay we seem to have a snowball effect happening now… I attempted to respond to a forum post and it gave me an error 500…
Now, this post was to point out that I have the same black box interfering with editing. This along with the sluggish mouse control, (not to mention the difficulty in using the “mouse pointer”) and the constant vanishing models… well… You can well imagine just how frustrated I am in trying to use this nightmare.

Prime team… I think you need to come inworld and see the chaos for yourselves.

PS… can we be freed from that STUPID 20 character minimum crap? Sometimes you only need a word or two!


@foxxe where are you creating your content? Can I come over and have a look ? Also what scripts are you running? and what is your machine setup?


I don’t run scripts as I can’t code. and the content has been the same for weeks. I’ve taken it all offline for the time being until the prime team discover all their poking around is destroying things more than not.


OK, let me know when you bring it up, if you want me to take a look.


It is not the locality at all, the problem is in the system, not the locations. The overlay flashes to some odd texture, words are not legible, mouse movement is a total disaster now with 2644. Can’t stay in.
Missing the meeting because of it.


I set LOD Tools to manual and moved the slider down as close to zero as I could get it, and haven’t crashed yet since then. Knock wood.


You’re lucky! I can adjust it all I want but it will grey out the moment I drop the window and reset to default again. (I assumed since my starting here that was an unfinished function)