Error:"We need a camera..."?


I have been getting a popup error window upon logging in saying “we need a camera…”

It prevents me from logging into my server (although it claims I am connected) or running scripts.

What is this?

I have tried updating the server and client but it’s still happening.


Resetting my settings after crashing seemed to clear it up. Is there a way to reset all your settings from the interface without having to crash to get the window for it?


If I right remember, there is a menu item in the interface -> crash interface. After this the window should come.


Hi. The “we need a camera…” is from the face tracking with standard web cam.
It is in the face tracking section. If you login to interface with no web cam connected and face tracking enabled, you will see this error.


“Crash interface” looks like a command. I was fearful of clicking it.