Error while deleting assets from server with ATP browser


Ok, i think let’s try it the more difficult but more correct way and use the asset browser.

A while ago i deleted all the content from the default domain. Yes there’s still no option to delete the content easy and start with a simple skybox and platform.

So i start to delete the content manual from the ATP server.
Just select the first one and last one. and deselect the skybox. and press DELETE.

:scream: I get errors and erros that high fidelity cannot talk with ATP server.

Funny, because am on the server and content is loading !
Keep clicking buttons.


At the end the ATP list is empty, decided to delete the skybox directory to. Now possible i did delete content manual from disk. but i think not. Then it still would not generate this error but a “cannot find asset” error, if the error exception is correct.

ADD: Now i decided to wipe the whole domain.

The domain server need option to start with empty domain, simple by clicking clear domain (or somethinbg like that) in the sandbask tray menu. and after confirmation delete content and restart domain server.

ADD: Server is Coo Coo or something like that. i cann ot duplicate builders-grid.fbx from marketplace. I try to rezz a cube and instead on strange location i get invisible flamethrower entity.

And i think all the problems just because yiu cannot start with empty domain. And i just see that with deleting the content i removed to much and need to remake the 3 steps again. :thinking:

Let’s make it a step worse and see if the push again the unwanted default content. i wipe the whole high fidelity user directory and restart the server. Need to setup things again anyway.


Yup. it installing the content without any question if you want it or not !

That’s not userfriendly.
Especially if the there’s no option of deleting the default content and assets !


Are you using the default instructional world they provide you when you first enter into HiFi? If you are you may be in the “alternate start” they created. This threw me a curve and I wasted allot of time trying to figure out what was going on. To get to the default start I had to right click on the sandbox and select “visit sandbox.” I then saved this as my home and everything was fine. Hope that helps.


I get indeed the default instructional world pushed to my connection. Even before i did visit the world. Need to admit i did not keeped eye on when it did happen.

Alternate start ? It happens just before you get the 3 step setup screen. Or it where just behind that. The 3 step screen is fine. But the automatic content littering without choice is not fine.

But my day and myself is already in a mood. So let me beckup the user directories and double check when it happens.

  1. I stopped the domain server and quit it
  2. Made a backup
  3. started the "High Fidelity Sandbox.
  4. High Fidelity is downloading the basic instructional world

So before i do any setup it already get downloaded. No question nothing.

ADD: oops. this other topic :slight_smile:
I did delete the instructional world first by removing the objects from the domain. Today i found everything still in ATP server and started to delete it from there. that is where the error came in.

But i do not remember when if i did delete some content from hdd manual between the first time and today.