ETA for Windows interface?


I have been using a borrowed Mac with Mavericks for alpha testing HiFi while in the U.S., but I will go back to Europe in a few days. I can upgrade my Mac at home to Mavericks, but I use a Windows 7 PC as main work computer, so a Windows interface would be more convenient. ETA?


Hi @giulio we have been testing a preliminary Windows distribution this past week. I expect we’ll have that ready for alpha distribution early this coming week.


Also part of the Windows realm, at least at this time. Looking forward to a PC release.


@leo would love that to… There are some sweet alpaas helping me out with windows but unfortunate 2 pc 2 laptops and still missing something… eventhough we were close with first attempt to get to loggin but failes… snif…
Hope windows will be out soon…thanks so much for the affords… as @giulio says…europe overall are not maccies but mainly pcees still :wink:

  • half hour later after writing this … finally got in! :wink: thks Thoys


So I am back in Europe after 3 weeks on the other side of the pond. If the Windows build is coming soon I will wait for that instead of upgrading a Mac. Can’t wait to build something nice in the area that I have reserved. @Jo​​Ja​​Dhara - I prefer Macs, and so do most of my European friends, but the fact is that 90% of people use Windows.


@giulio totally understand from the users… graphic wise the best but I am more a rebellion and love open source and get a feeling that Apple is bit more closed. Prefer android … and welcome back in Europe :wink:


So I will not wait for the Windows interface - I upgraded my Mac to Mavericks and installed the OSX interface without problems. See you guys in-world soon. But I would still like to here a realistic ETA for the Windows interface - I think Windows is crappy and OSX is much better, but 90% of consumers don’t seem to agree.


Here is the thing, I get the windows version to compile, I tracked down 99% of the files I need and how to get it running on another machine that did not compile it, but when I log in, some things are white like its not loading something white.

I would love to send over the Windows build I get running and the fact I get it to run but maybe someone could help me track down the final parts if I go into what I did.

Let me know. I think what is missing is some of the files that get packaged in for OSX, which is why it shows my avatar as white.the world loads and I can move though.

If anyone wants to work together on the project until an official one is out, let me know!


Visit . There we can help you.


In case you missed it, there is an installer for Windows that you can fine here