EU Net Neutrality Changing Landscape



This might affect HiFi and any other VR platform as well.

Basically in short

  • Internet Fast / Slow lanes
  • ISPs can control / gate content
  • ISPs can discriminate type of data
  • ISPs can throttle
  • Zero-Rating

Hopefully they wont affect the Finnish Constitution yet (as net neutrality is apart of it).

In Hifi’s context:

This basically might, with a small probability affect who will be able to host domains, and passing of data /information between users, such as physics sharing.


It’s quite intense the things they have changed with the internet recently…

The gatefence of EU citizen data being stored elsewhere like the US being made was huge in itself


What is even more confusing is that it seems different media websites have entirely different ideas on what was done there.

It is currently a confused mess in media

Positively -

Negatively -


Trying to find the actual draft to put my official word on it.

Best source currently is directly from the horses mouth it self:

Generally however it seems to be a correct direction, but it did not address some concerns with it:
Basically its the amendments that didnt get passed. but the bill it self did.


Reddit the I don’t have to read anything and make my own opinion on anything says


Not see any news from what i have read. It’s still unknown what to go to decide.
And what happens with the net neutrality my country already have. Just need to wait.

I think people can mabye better spend a few euro on VPS with enough speed then try to run it from home on slow connection. most connections here are still between 0.8 - 4Mbit


I think it is going to take a lawyer to determine what that opaque legislation really means. But, it looks like it has similar clauses used in the U.S. to preempt existing states laws, though in the EU version it seems to preempt countries laws.